Thank You For Being Our Customer

In order to let our new and existing clients know how good we are, could you take a brief moment to write a review about your experience. Our goal is to provide excellent service on each and every product we complete.

I have been looking for a reliable tech support company to manage issues from time to time. I found Malibu Tech Support in Calabasas and have been very pleased with the work, responsiveness, and everything works once they leave. Thank you to JD and the rest of the team.

– Rahul Alim, CEO, Custom Creatives, Agoura Hills, CA

These guys are great: Smart, Fast, Friendly, Local! They just get it! My husband bought a custom built computer from them, they even brought it to our house, installed it and gave a brief tutorial! With his purchase he gets 1 yr free tech support 24-7. I use them for service and “tune-ups”. Thanks JD and your Gang. We’re so happy to have found you!

– Christy and Steve Harris

We are a Malibu small business client and have used Pacific Computers – Malibu Tech Support since 2007. We have both Apple and PC products. There are other shops in town like Malibu Computers but no one does near as good a job in my opinion as Jd. Thanks for everything!

– CC Skye

Went above and beyond to help me with my computer!! I was having so many problems and thought I would have to purchase a new computer but they completely fixed my machine and went the extra mile to make my experience a great one. Such great value and EXCELLENT service!! Highly recommend!

– A Google User

JD and his crew Rock! They take the worry out of using a PC for the average human. I don’t know how he does it but he always finds the most patient, kind and computer savy technicians who can help those of us who struggle with the new computer age. I would be at a total loss without JD and his crew! I can’t say enough positive things about Pacific Computers, Just try them once and you’ll be a believer too!

Thank you for always being there for us!

– Mary S.

J.D. and Tom fixed my Dell laptop when a virus took over.  They were honest, friendly and gave it their full attention.  First they ran a Diagnostic test on it to see what was wrong which was free.  Then they gave me a reasonable price to get rid of the virus on there and install Microsoft Essentials Anti virus program.

– Robin F.

Excellent service, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Thank you JD and staff!

– Stephanie R.

These guys are great.  Fast, efficient, knowledgeable and great work.  No reason to go anywhere else.

– Eric W.

Five star reviews are few and far between for me, but Pacific computers has truly earned 5 stars from me for consistently delivering outstanding service along with a nice selection of the most important computer accessories – all at a fair price.

Over the past few years JD and his crew have tweaked my computers, installed routers, rescued hard drives, stocked hard to find accessories and generally proven to be a handy, friendly and valuable resource for all my computer needs.

As they’ve gotten busier and bigger Pacific has gotten better with even more cool stuff in stock.  Geez, I haven’t had to go to Best Buy or Fry’s in a long time, and that’s a great thing!

Easy and convenient, JD and Pacific computers is easily one of my favorite local small businesses.

– Edward W.

Great service and work thank you!!

– D M.

DJ ROCKS…I brought my DELL laptop for an issue with a ‘skipping keyboard’ and he patiently and thoroughly diagnosed the issue by downloading software specifically that eventually fixed the problem–he was so patient and had to try a few different methods to fix my problem that was stressing me out at my new business–but he ACED it. When I asked how much I owed him for the hour he spent with/on me he said ” no worries”–I WOULD GIVE PACIFIC AND JD 7 STARS IF I COULD–AAA customer service and knowledgeable–I cannot recommend this business highly enough–They won my  IT business for LIFE!!! Thanks JD!!

– Michael P.

Friendly and honest service.

I brought my iMac here to upgrade my RAM.

The prices are very reasonable and the employees are very helpful.

– Kenny T.

JD and crew really know their stuff !

Great service and prices too

– John C.

I am a working DJ who constantly needs support for my computers…JD has taken care of me so many times that I never stress when I have computer issues anymore…I just take it in to JD, he and his fine competent  techs always make it right within a short period of time and always for a very fair price…Thanks a lot JD you rock and I am forever a loyal client….Much appreciation! DJ Gold Dust aka Jeff Kantor

– Jeff K.

For over three years I have been going to Pacific Computers and have never had a bad experience! Their prices are incredibly fair (actually, they’re way cheaper than any of their competitors) and the guys that work there are incredibly nice, patient and helpful. They never seem annoyed by the number of questions I ask either, which is a big plus!

Even though I’ve moved 30 minutes away and live near plenty of other computer repair stores, the drive to and from Pacific Computers is way worth the level of service I receive. I recommend them to my friends and family.

They have a great turnover rate on repairs, and have even gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion. The repairs and services I’ve had with mine and my family’s computers at Pacific Computers include: screen repair; motherboard replacement; battery and battery charger replacement; hard drive replacement and backup.

These guys are great. I highly recommend them!

– Michael G.

I live and work in South Bay. After a string of unsatisfactory computer repair experiences, a friend of mine from Malibu referred me to his computer repair expert, J.D., owner of Pacific Computers in Calabasas, CA. A driver from Pacific Computers picked up my computer in Long Beach, J.D. did a rapid and very reasonably-priced repair, and the computer was returned to me at my Long Beach office. Since that time several years ago, I always call on J.D. when I’ve got any computer issue, from hard drive repair, to data recovery, to external storage configuration for my large media files. And, when possible, the service calls can be handled via a remote connection. J.D. and his associates at Pacific Computer provide excellent service. It is reassuring to know that they are available when I need them.

– Linda H.

Twice I had to bring my lap top in for repairs and twice I was WOWED by excellent repairs and excellent service!  The prices were realistic and fair.  The way these people do business is the way business should be done.  I am so impressed with Pacific Computers that I honestly suggest that anyone in need of experts for computer repair would do well to go out of their way to do business with these guys.  Sincerely, Robert

– Robert S.

Honst, reliable, they do great work! We have been using them for a long time..

– Susan A.

JD has helped me out with my mac many times. the prices are reasonable and the quality of work is great. furthermore JD stands by his work and has fixed a problem for free 11 months after even though it was most likely the result of me being a bull in a china shop

– Brad I.

I brought my airbook here for coffee spill :/ i was surprised to find out it was very inexpensive. I called around and got quoted 599… I’m a happy customer 🙂

– Daniel F.

The people there always were respectful and always helped. The prices are really good and I would highly suggest this place to any computer lover.

– Phoenix Evans

Thank God for Pacific Computers! My younger sister spilled water on my laptop right when i needed it the most. I called them and they started to diagnose it right away. I was informed quickly about how much it would cost me and how long it would take to fix/replace certain parts which was good to know. I got a great price and they got to me asap. Im very happy and will definitely come back if i ever need computer related assistance =]

– James Peach

Great group of guys. Smart. techy galore. I come in weekly with different computer and or gadget issues. They are fair and always have what I need.

– Tris Cole

In a world where customer service has gone down the drain, these people rise to the occasion…and then some. I searched around for almost two days trying to find someone to fix a problem on my boss’ Mac, but everyone charged outrageous prices for just a diagnostic that would take the entire day (with no promise of even fixing the problem). Pacific Computers was cheap, did a timely on-site service, and fixed the problem within the hour (which was only $75). All in all–amazing in every regard.

– A Google User

I took my computer here because it was running slow and I couldn’t use it anymore. I was afraid I was going to have the buy another computer and sacrifice all my data. This was not the case because the guys as pacific computers were able to were not only able to save all my data, but my pc is now running faster than the day i bought it. My new hard drive is also under warranty for 3 years! Awesome shop with great customer service!

– A Google User

Came to our home and fixed all our Mac issues. Fast service (same day) and fair prices $75/hr. Thank you Malibu Tech Support!

– A Google User

I have been a client of Pacific Computers for 2 years now. It started with my computer crashing and the OMG what am I going to do??? Throwing it out the window was the first thought; however, all the wires attached cancelled that idea! Ha … Anyway I was referred to J.D. at Pacific Computers and I was impressed immediately. So much so that I had him custom build me a computer the following year. You guys are the BEST! GRAZIE, GRAZIE, GRAZIE!!!

– A Google User

Thanks for expertely installing wifi so that have excellent singal strength at all places at our business.

– A Google User

Fast repair of Dell PCs for our school in Calabasas. Malibu Tech Support was efficient and polite – would recommend to anyone!

– A Google User

I came in with a mac laptop full of coffee. They worked with me, cleaned it out completely and replaced my hard drive. Much better price than buying a new macbook pro and saved me a few days of hell restoring all my programs.

– A Google User

Pacific Computers is hands-down the best computer repair shop I have ever been to. They have a great turnover rate (had my computer fixed within one day) and are really affordable (free diagnostic – something unheard of, really). I highly recommend these guys!

– A Google User

Within 24 hrs my Mac was running beautifully again. Thank you so much. It’s like a neighborhood Apple store without the pressure to buy! Very affordable too. I dealt with a guy named Eric

– A Google User

Called their toll free number at 1:00am praying that they could help me with a deadline I was trying to meet after my computer crashed when the power went out. Sure enough, a tech was on the phone right away, and they actually sent someone out to assist me at 1:30! I am now a lifetime customer, sure as heck beats best buy.

– A Google User
These guys responded within 45 mins to my request for on-site service at our office. The tech Billy fixed every problem we had and also offered a new backup solution that we plan to try. Thanks a lot for your expertise and we needed a local repair shop other than GEEK SQUAD


– A Google User

Great service! We bought a new battery and cleaned up our kids computers making everything run smoothly.

– A Google User

These guys helped me out with getting my broken laptop video card replaced for free from Dell. I avoided having to pay $200 for it. Thanks!

– A Google User

I’ve been going to Malibu Tech for over 3 years now, and they’ve always been extremely courteous, professional, and patient with me. Customer service is honestly something they take seriously, and they work hard to identify and fix problems quickly.

Even though I’ve moved 30 minutes away and there’s another shop down the street, I’ve stuck with these guys the whole time. Their pricing is extremely fair and they honestly show a legitimate interest in helping. I’ve recommended these guys to my parents and friends. It’s really no surprise that someone is always in their shop dropping off or picking up a computer.

– Michael Galvis